Friday, March 1, 2013


Monpura is a well known name in Bangladesh after releasing a movie as same name directed by Gias uddin selim. Actually, Monpura is one of the beautiful islands in Bangladesh.
This Island has different historical importance from colonial times. About 600 years ago, Portuguese pirates used to take shelter in the Monpura  island. When the Portugueses were left the island, people from Bhola, Laxmipur and Noakhali started living there.
Bhola is the biggest island in Bangladesh. It's situated the most south parts in Bangladesh. The 20 charlands in the 350-square kilometre island on the Meghna near the Bay of Bengal are now green spots surrounded by sea, presenting a rare beauty not seen in any other southern region of the country. The main land of Bhola is created by the river Meghna's poli. The interesting thing is a journey in the Island; Varieties of wild life with green forests are an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.
. The main attractions of monpura are chitra Horin [Deer], Monkey, python, dolphin & lots of various types of Birds. The greens created  by the Forest Department  about a decade ago and the natural beauty has turned coastal Monpura inland in Bhola into an attractive tourist spot. Animals were also released at same period. During winter, thousands of migratory birds visit the islands. The significantly exclusive feature of island is one can see both sunrise and sunset from some of its location.

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