Saturday, March 9, 2013


Bandarban also have direct road based transport communication from Cox’s Bazar and Rangamati. A road from Chokoriya, Cox’s Bazar reach at Bandarban through Lama.
From Bandarban to Ruma Bazaar you have to go by Bus Service or reserve transportation . From Bandarban one get Bus service from a place called Ruma Bus Stand( 1 km from Bandarban Bus stand). Reserve car will be get from around Bandarban Bus Stand. one need to use boat to cross Sangu River where ever you drooped. The trail Started from Ruma Bazaar. the Trail is going through.

Next day early in the morning you left Ruma Bazar and headed for Bogalake. It is about 24 km from Ruma Bazar. you walked all the way and reached Bogalake  in the noon. There is a lake between the hills in Bogalake. It is a magnificent lake in Bangladesh. In Bome language Boga is used for the world dragon. It is called the lake of dragons. There you  took lunch and started for Darjiling Para. Darjiling Para is about 4 km from Bogalake. It is situated under Keokradang.

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