Thursday, March 21, 2013


Similar to the 

Sundarbans, Halda River is also a unique Natural

Heritage of Bangladesh.    This is only tidal river in the world for

natural carp (Rui, Catla, Mrigal and Kali Baush) spawning. The

sole carp spawning river of the country is also the living gene

bank of pure Indian major carps.

Torrential rains with thunderstorm, regular ebb and tide and

strong sediment-laden current from upper hilly terrain make

the river a unique ecology for the carps to release eggs. Collec-

tion and hatching of eggs from this river between April and

June by traditional indigenous techniques provide livelihood

for hundreds of egg collectors who hatch fries for sell in mud-

scoops dug on the riverbank.

Besides, the river supplies 2 million gallons of water to

Chittagong city every day. These facts are almost unknown to

mass people. The negligence of authority, straightening of

oxbow bends with illegal fishing of brood fishes and release of

industrial and municipal pollutants are threatening the unique-

ness of this river. Long-term plan to sustain the river is

inevitable. The website’s goal is to create mass awareness

through information among all facets of our country to ensure

conservation of Halda and declaring it as “National Natural Fish

Spawning Heritage”

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