Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Panchagarh Rocks Museum, in Panchagarh Government Mohila College, is the first rocks museum in Bangladesh, set up at the initiative of Nazmul Haque, Principal of the College, in 1997. Nazmul Haque, principal of Panchagarh Government girls College, discovered the rocks and founded an educational institution based museum on March 1, 1997. The Deputy Commissioner, Panchagarh, A.F.M. Saiful Islam formally inaugurated the museum on October 25, 1997.
The rocks museum was set up here due to the congenial geo-graphical atmosphere at the food of the Himalayan Mountains and the Zoological characteristics of this area different from the other parts of Bangladesh. The Stones of the "Tertiary periods" extending from 1.6 million to 60 million years have been found in the districts of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in India adjacent to Panchagarh district. The stone made tools and other materials of the "Neolithic age are discovered in the areas of "Badamtam", "Dongrabosti", "Kalimpong", "Puddong", " Sindidong" in Darjeeling, A huge number of specified Rocks was also found in Panchagarh district.

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