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Kutubdia (Bengali: কুতুবদিয়া) is an Upazila of Cox’s bazaar district in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The upazila consists of an island in the Bay of bengal, off the coast near Chakaria, Cox’s bazar. Total island is covered by 215.8 square kilometers of lands. This is one of the oldest island of Bangladesh. Because of that since 1917 there had been made a police station at kutubdia for its protection and also for the security of the local peoples of the island. Now in 1983 this island is upgraded as an upazilla of Bangladesh. Very popular and famous Saint hazrat Abdul Malek shah was also born in this island. In 1991 one doodle was drawn by Jerom D’Costa which is about the Kutubdia Island with its lighthouse. This is located in the Bay of Bengal of Bangladesh.
What are the special attraction of Kutubdia Island:
1. Light house which is only in this island of Bangladesh and this is also famous in Bangladesh. During the British rule this light house had been established in this island and still this is live and lucrative to all.
2.Kutubdia island is also famous in Bangladesh for producing salt and dry fish. In Bengali this dry fish is called shutki which is very much delicious and tasty and also it is the earning source of foreign currency.
3. Rich and wonderful biodiversity,fishing and also boating is available there.
4. There is a hybrid power plan at Kutubdia island which is now threaten condition for this island. This damaged dam can be seen by you.
5.Archaeological heritage of this island are Kalarma Mosque and Tomb of Qutb Awliya which are very popular to its visitors.
What are the constrains for livelihood at Kutubdia island:
1.If you visit and see the actual scenario of livelihood status of the local people of kutubdia island then you can imagine the real situation. Young locals are sitting in the floating market for their livelihood. This is every where at this island which you can find easily.
2. Drinking water is the major problem for the local of this island which you can visit during your trip.
3.Internal transportation problem which is find every where in this island. For oldest peoples there is no alternative transport instead of van which is very much risky and also painful. During dry season this can be visited by all.
What is the best time for visit Kutubdia Island:

From November to March are the right time to visit any place of Bangladesh. Kutubdia Island is also the part of this country which could be visited during the same period without any kind of hassles.
If you are looking for light house then visit Kutubdia Island of Bangladesh and enjoy your trip. This kutubdia trip would be your challenging trip in your life.

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