Friday, March 8, 2013


Mohastan Garh is really an interesting & historical place in Bangladesh. It is seven miles away from the district town of Bogra. It has the relics of the ancient culture, Mazar, old buildings etc. There runs the river Karotoa nearby. So, it offers very charming sceneries together with the murmuring sound of the Karotoa. There is the Mazar Sharif of Balki Sultan who dedicated his life to the cause of Islam. It was during the reign of king Parsuram. The Sultan came from ‘Balkan’ to preach Islam. It was the order of Allah. He gradually won the heart of the people & defeated Parsuram. Now, the Mazar Sharif is visited by thousands of Muslims everyday. There are ‘Zeut Kunda’ & ‘the Museum’ in Mohastan Garh. When the soldiers of Parsuram had been killed in the battle field, the king took water from the pucka well & used to give it on the body of the dead soldiers. As a result, they got back their lives again. So, it was named ‘Zeut Kunda’. Now, there is no wonderful magic power of that so called ‘Zeut Kunda. There the Museum behind a beautiful flower garden is a soundless evidence of historical & archaeological signs of Mohastan Garh. At Mohastan Garh, the other historical places are the Bridal chamber of Behula & Laxmindar, the Seladevir Ghat & the burial place of the chief disciple of Balkan Sultan.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. I believe that tourists must feel delighted to see the historical places & sceneries at Mohastan Garh & I hope that the memory of this traveling will last for long.

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