Friday, March 15, 2013


Bagha Mosque (Bengali: বাঘা মসজিদ) is located at Bagha, 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. It is a great historical place in Bangladesh. It has wonderful architectural style.
Bagha Mosque situated at Bagha, about 25 miles southeast of Rajshahi town, survives in a fairly good state of preservation. The mosque was built on the western bank of a fairly large tank within a brick-walled compound, 48.77m square. It is very famous to all. Everyday many visitor come here.
Bagha Mosque was Built by Sultan Nusrat Shah in 1523 A.D.  Bagha Mosque is a richly decorated monument originally roofed over with 10 domes which collapsed long ago. But recently this Mosque rebuilt carefully to their original form. From Rajshahi you can go there easily by any motorized vehicle.