Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ashuganj (Bengali: আশুগঞ্জ) is a town in the Brahmanbaria District of Chittagong Division
ofBangladesh  in theMeghna Riverdelta. Its altitude is 10 meters (36 feet).
The city is known for its power plant which generates much of the electricity for the country especially for the capital city. Zia Fertilizer Ltd is on the other side of Ashuganj. It produces chemical fertilizer for the country.It's specially known as commercial area. Almost 25% electricity supply from Ashugonj Power Station. In Ashugonj, more than 500 rice mills which means above 40% rice supply from Ashugonj.Zia Fertilizer is a biggest chemical fertilizer company.There is a Transit in Ashugonj which communicate with India.Ashugonj is also known as river port. There is also a gas transmission company.
Ashuganj  river  port is around 81 km away from capital Dhaka.

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