Sunday, March 31, 2013


A beautiful unknown destination, situated at the north-east of Bangladesh. Rema Kalinga is one hour journey from Srimongol (Sylhet). The place is at a small hill circled by untamed forest. There is a small bungalow at Rema Kalinga, a neat small hut powered by a solar panel, a sprawling courtyard in front.

For sight viewing tourist might have to explore the surrounded forest. A beautiful lake will be on sight, on tourists trail. Bio-diversity of this forest can be enjoyed during the tour.

Rema and Kalenga are basically one forest location in places, Srimanlgal & Habiganj. The Srimangal part is named Rema and the Habiganj part is called Kalenga. Always try to enter the forest from Habigang, Because the Kalenga part is not safe. And also try to leave the Kalenga part withing afternoon.

One think I also should mentioned that, Rema-Kalenga is the most exciting forests I've ever seen. You will find a lot of old trees, birds, snakes and a lot more wild animals there.

How to go : At first you go to srimangal by train or bus. This is 205 km journey. Then you will go to rema reserve forest. This forest are around 35 km away from srimangal. By reserve vehicle as cng you will reach to forest. There is a banglo for stay that forest.

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