Saturday, March 16, 2013


Rajshahi division is the North-western part of our country. ... Located on the eastern strip of land between the Ganges and the Mahananda rivers, has few ... has actively searched and researched history of the ancient Varendra Civilization.  

Rajshahi division is the North-western part of our country. This division is completely separated by Ganges - Brahmaputra Rivers from the rest of the country. With an area of 34,513 square kilometer, it is bounded by West Bengal of India on the north, Khulna and Dhaka divisions on the south, Assam and Meghalaya state of India and Dhaka division on the east and West Bengal of India on the west.
Total population of 29,992,955 is divided into male 50.80% and female 49.20%. Muslim 86.84%; Hindu 11.09%, Christian 1.17%, Buddhist 0.23% and others 0.67%.

Rajshahi division is famous for its Mango and Rice production. It also produces Wheat, sugarcane, oil seed, onion, garlic, potato, banana, betel leaf, mulberry plant, jackfruit, litchi, berry, coconut, and papaya. Numerous archaeological sites in the division made it an attractive destination for tourists.

This division is suitable for Archaeology tour, Agriculture tour, Photography Tour, Fruit Tour, Fishing Tour, Culture Tour, and Monsoon Tour.

Rajshahi is accessible by road, Air and Train. Around 280 km away from capital Dhaka. Kansat, gomstapur and rohonpur are old city of chapai nawabganj at Rajsahi. Rohonpur is a important rail corridor of chapai nawabganj district.

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