Friday, March 1, 2013


Mujib Nagar in Khulna Division is located in Bangladesh – around   184 km West of Dhaka, here are available bus from Dhaka to Mujibnagar. You may have to go Meherpur first and then Mujibnagar.
Mujibnagar (Bengali: মুজিবনগর), formerly known as Baidyanathtala is a town in the Meherpur District of Bangladesh. It is a common reference for the government in exile formed by the leaders of the Awami League, who were leading the guerrilla war for the independence of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) from Pakistan in 1971.Throughout the war with the Pakistan Army, the Mujibnagar government would serve as the nominal head of the pro-independence guerrilla militias, mainly the Mukti Bahini. Although the state gained independence only in December 1971, the Mujibnagar government is recognised as the first official government of Bangladesh. This place is the seat of the Bangladesh government.

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