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Khan Jahan  local ruler and celebrated sufi saint. Khan Jahan (popularly known as Khan Jahan Ali) was entitled Ulugh Khan and Khan-i-Azam and flourished atkhalifatabad  (Bagerhat) in the first half of the fifteenth century AD when the Later Iliyas Shahi Sultan

nasiruddin mahmud shahwas ruling at gaur .
Khan Jahan was a great builder. He founded some townships, built mosques, madrasahs and sarais, roads, highways and bridges, excavated a large number of dighis in the districts of greater Jessore and Khulna. Besides his fortified metropolis of Khalifatabad (modern Bagerhat) he built three townships, such as Maruli Kasba, Paigram Kasba and Bara Bazar. He is said to have built a highway from Bagerhat to Chittagong, a twenty-mile long road from Samantasena to Badhkhali, and a road running from Shuvabara to Daulatpur in Khulna. The most notable of his architectural monuments areshatgumbad mosque(c 1450) at Bagerhat,

masjidkur mosque (c 1450) at village Masjidkur, his own tomb (1459) near Bagerhat and a single-domed mosque attached to his tomb. Of the large number of dighis and ponds excavated by him the most notable are the Khanjali Dighi (1450) near his tomb and Ghoradighi (measuring 1500´x750´) to the west of Shatgumbad Mosque. There is a few crocodile in big pond.

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