Sunday, February 24, 2013


A small beautiful islnd at sundarbans southern region facing the bay of bengal is famous for his amazing scenic spot. dublar char is a biggest dry fish zone in bangladesh. a dry fish processing factory has recently established there.
 Around 50,000 individuals stop here every year. Many of these visitors are local, but each year more and more foreigners seem to be added to the mix. One of the main reasons that so many people make the trip out to Dublar Char annually is because it is the best location to celebrate Rash Mela and holy bath. This Hindu festival is based on the meeting of Radha and Krishna a pairing which is celebrated by a three-day long annual festival. The tradition dates back more than 200 years and is incredibly exciting for both local and international visitors.
How to go:
If you are interested to go to Dublar Chor, you will find it south-west of Katka and south-east of Nilkamal in the range of the Sundarbans. Usually it is convenient to start from the nearby island of Mongla (Khulna) by a variety of different boats, such as speedboats and cabin cruisers.

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