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Sitakunda, Introduce as northern gateways of country’s largest commercial hub Chittagong. It has a strong historical background which highlights the blessings of various saints. Moreover Chittagong is called ‘land of twelve saints’ [baro Awlia’r desh]. It’s also rich with natural scenic beauty and cultural heritage. Sitakunda is predominantly an agricultural area. 
The legends of the area state the sage Bhargava created a pond (Kunda) for Sita Devi to bathe in when her husband Lord Ramchandra visited during his exile in the forests. Sitakunda derived its name from this incident. Sitakunda was almost ruled alternatively by various Buddhist rulers of Myanmar in the east and Muslims rulers of Bengal in the west. Three main religious legacies of subcontinent makes bright and diversify trend but a common element for mankind.

Chandranath hill is one of the most famous places of pilgrimage of the Hindu Community. It draws Hindu devotees from all over the subcontinent particularly during the observance of Shiva Charturdoshi. There are many religious places in Sitakunda and surroundings of it. Among them Chandranath Temple, on the peak of the Chandranath Hill bears the most religious testimony. Chandranath hill has narrow zigzag paths surrounded by numerous green trees. Many visitors come here everyday from every part of the country. There is a small waterfall that has enriched the natural beauty of the hill. At rainy season and autumn this peak overflows by clouds. Its take looks a like fantasy land.

A big fair named 'Siva Chaturdoshi' is held in the month of Falgun every Bengali calendar year at Sitakunda. A big fair is also held on 'Amabashya rat' (newmoon night) of that month. Tens of thousands of Hindu pligrims of all ages from all over the country come to Sitakunda during the fair every year. Those are main seasonal attraction of this temple.

The first eco-park in Bangladesh, along with a botanical garden, was established in 2001 on 808 hectares (1,997 acres) of the Chandranath Hills in Sitakunda. The eco-park was established to facilitate biodiversity conservation, natural regeneration, new plantations and infrastructure development, as well as to promote nature-based tourism to generate income. The park, 405 hectares (1,001 acres), and the garden, 403 hectares (996 acres), under the Bariadhala Range of Chittagong Forest Division, are rich with natural Gymnosperm tree species including Podocarpus neriifolius and species of Gnetum and Cycas.The Park is reported to be able to receive 25,000 visitors in a single weekend. with the botanical garden included, the number of visitors can reach up to 50,000.
Entry fee is only tk. 5.00.
This is a reserved forest block with unique natural beauty. This is a promising site for developing habitat of wild flora and fauna, flourishing eco-tourism and developing research and education for scientists of home and abroad. Many serpentine paths have passed through the hill and we went to the hilltop climbing the path. A natural spring was also there and luckily some of us were able to take bath under the heavy dropping of the cataract.
Transports are available form Chittagong town to Sitakunda. Or visitor can takes a break to the way of Dhaka-Chittagong journey.
Sitakunda stands on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway [old sheer-shah grand road] and is only 40, km. northwest off Chittagong.


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